Plight of the Asian Elephants - Barbarity, Brutality.

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Barbarity - Breaking the spirit of the Elephant


Wildlife Animal Protection (WAP) state all elephants used for entertainment, whether taken from the wild or born into captivity, suffer a "cruel and intensive" breaking-in process.

The process of "breaking the spirit" is carried out by mahouts on the young animals using chains, ropes and severe pain methods with tools including bull hooks.

"This 'breaks' the young elephants and traumatises them so much that they fear humans and their pain-giving tools," the WAP report said

"Young elephants are isolated and deprived of water and food."

"The great trauma elephants endure ... can leave them suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder."

The suffering is continued throughout their lifetime, unable to express natural social behaviour and forced to perform for tourists, Dr Schmidt-Burbach

"It's a sound not easily forgotten. Just before dawn in the remote highlands of northern Thailand, west of the village Mae Jaem, a four-year-old elephant bellows as seven village men stab nails into her ears and feet. She is tied up and immobilized in a small, wooden cage. Her cries are the only sounds to interrupt the otherwise quiet countryside." National Geographic

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